Know The Dangers Of Drugs

Are you feeling with the circulation of drugs? Furious! That's what many people perceived face drug pereedaran. How not, all among the scary drug circulation enters the environment.

Secret Daughter Plants Drank Shy

Princess embarrassment we often meet in the courtyard of the House, and peswahan fields. This plant grows in the land of sleep, sometimes straight. It has a rounded, hairy stems and prickly.

It Turns Out That Reeds Can Be So Traditional Medicine

Picture of reeds nutritious as Traditional Herb During our outing to the grassy field, often we find plant reeds. This plant has the scientific name Imperata cylindrica.

The Characteristics Of Know Good To Eat

Pictures: food Know That salubrious A. terms of Quality Years Know the quality is food made from soybeans (read article: Soy is rich in Protein). Know a good protein at least 90% of the weight out.


The History Of Soy Soy many selected as material food maker because it includes high protein source.

Sunday, April 16, 2017

14 Vegetable Crops for Health Benefits

14 Vegetable Crops for Health Benefits
Image: benefits of Vegetable Plants for health


Health will be achieved if someone is able to meet all the needs that are required by the body, either nongizi or nutritional needs. If both of these substances are not met the body will menjandi weak and susceptible to disease. Then the two substances will be met, one of which is by the way the mengomsumsi vegetation with routine in everyday meals.

Plant vegetables serve as one of the staples of healthy food healthy five or four perfectly. With mengomsumsi vegetable crop, the body will be cleansed of toxic foods already piling up and replaced with new nutritious foods, so the new cells will be formed and the condition of the body to be strong faced the onslaught of disease.


Like the title of the article above, the following 14 Vegetable Crops for Health Benefits you need to know:

1. Anti Cancer
Cancer is a malignant tumor that is clinically in the form of lumps nyang gets larger and the body cannot control. Cancer can attack all the tissues of the body, except the nails and hair.
The content of vegetable plants that function as anti-cancer is calcium, vitamins A, E, and C, chlorophyll, carotenoids, glukosinolat, indol, dithiolthion, isothiochynat, propilsulfida, protease enzymes, lignin, sulfur, histidin, and phenol (caffeine and acid ferulat). For example the lignin in long beans is converted by intestinal flora in the body become enterolactone and enterodiol which can prevent the onset of cancer, especially breast cancer. In General, the compound will be memutasi of cancer cells and stimulate the immune system by forming the detoxification. Thus, the compound can be used to neutralize carcinogens, so that it will not develop cancer.

2. Anti Diabetes
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The content of vegetable plants that function in anti diabets is allil propyl disulphide (APDS), manganese, potassium, sodium, sulphur, gum, and pectin. These compounds are generally capable of lowering blood sugar activities. This is done by increasing the carbohydrate metabolism by the liver into energy or by increasing the metabolism of insulin secretion. Vegetable crops are as anti-diabetes is a tomato, mushroom, pare ear, onion, and celery.

3. Anti Constipation or anti constipation
Constipation is a digestive disorder which is characterized by hard bowel movements (chapter). Constipation sufferers will typically mate in large water 3-4 days with hard stool. Disorders related to it, the content of a substance high in vegetable plants will maintain the balance of bacteria in the gut, so it takes a journey of food from the mouth to the anus
Mold: high fiber
Mold: high fiber
becomes shorter. This condition will help boost spending on stool and digestive.
Vegetable plants that are high in fiber and has 1.8 can be used as anti constipation, among others, corn, papaya leaves, various species of mushrooms, asparagus, mustard green, melon, cassava leaves, long beans, onion, radishes, and carrots.

4. Anti diarrhea
Diarrhea is characterized by frequent bowel movements, stool dilute, heartburn, and vomiting. As a result, many sufferers lose body fluids and eventually became limp. Diarrhea can be caused by infection of the intestine and the food that is too spicy or acidic.
Content of sulfuric acid, niacin, and kobalamim (vitamin B12) will help harden the stool. Vegetable crops that are rich in content and nature as an anti diarrhea include asparagus, shallots, garlic, mustard, ground, Solanum torvum, pare, ear mushroom, spinach, red and mentimum.

5. Anti anemia
Anemia is a disease resulting from a deficiency of red blood cells in the body. Therefore, the disease is also known as the transitional istila less blood.
Pyridoxine (vitamin B6), solfat acid, and iron, and there are many vegetable plants. Meanwhile, vitamin B12 is only found in animal foods and ingredients. Therefore, anemia can be prevented and resolved by mengomsumsi plant a vegetable that is rich in the substance. This substance called substance anti anemia that is able to participate berproduksinya stimulate hemoglobin and red blood cells. Vegetable crops are as anti anemia is asparagus, gnetum gnemon, spinach, cabbage, broccoli, papaya leaves, various fungi, cassava leaves, and red onion.
Spinach: vegetable crops that have included the nature of antianemia
Spinach: vegetable crops that have included the nature of antianemia

6. Anti cholesterol
Lowering blood cholesterol levels can be done with a lot of consuming plant-rich vegetable kholin bitartrade, pentatonet acid (vitamin B5), and seraty are high, such as beans.
The nature of the anti-cholesterol can also be obtained from the spinach. Vegetable crops is capable of changing the cholesterol in the body become koprostanol to be issued or thrown out of the body. The other plant is the corn that is rich in unsaturated fats. Fat is what will bind to cholesterol in the blood so it simply applied being down.
Garlic: exemplary antihipertensi such as chickpeas, red onion, and asparagus
Garlic: exemplary antihipertensi such as chickpeas, red onion, and asparagus

7. Anti hypertension
Hypertension or high blood pressure is the pressure of blood in arteries pembulu exceeds the limits of normal. Triggers of hypertension is not a perfect diet, lack of exercise, as well as the psikolgis conditions (such as a sense of worry and panic).

Hypertension can be overcome by mengomsumsi plant a vegetable that is rich in sodium, such as beans. Beans that are dikomsusi by the body will contribute sodium menstimulir can decrease blood pressure. In addition to beans, vegetable crops other exemplary anti hypertension are garlic, onion, and asparagus.

8. Anti asmatik
Asthma is a respiratory disorder which are allergenic, i.e. sensitive to something in or on the body like dust and wind.
Asthma can be reduced with mengomsumsi vegetable plants that are anti-asmatik. These properties are obtained from the vegetable plants containing flavonoids. This will stop the production of compound components causes a spasm of the muscles of the bronchial passages or throat stems, so that the experience is relaxed again. Vegetable crops are as anti asmatik is garlic, and onion.

9. Anti hemorrhoids
Hemorrhoids or ambeien is pembekakan or enlargement of the blood vessels (veins) in the mucous membranes of the rectum or the surrounding skin. Hemorrhoids are mainly caused by constipation, sitting for too long (especially with the wrong position and not moving), often lifting heavy with mengejan, and stress.
Vegetable plant that cures hemorrhoids cure is pare, yellow mushrooms, tomatoes, watercress, and papaya leaves. These plants contain the bromelin enzyme or the enzyme pengemuk and high rough fiber. In the human body, papain enzyme bromelin, for example on papaya leaves, will make the contents of the digestive tract is more lenient, making it easier for spending on stool. Means the enzyme bromelin also exemplary anti constipation or anti constipation. Indirectly, this enzyme content bandwagon relieve work muscles that function in the process of spending stool so as to avoid the occurrence of hemorrhoids.

10. Anti-rheumatism
Rheumatism is a chronic disease which is characterized by the occurrence of pain in muscle pain, and inflammation in the joints. This is a joint disorder causes blood flow is not smooth. Trigger, among others, stress, often lifting heavy weight, obesity, and the presence of pollutant substances such as free radicals. Anti arthritis can be obtained from deposits of calcium. Vegetable crops that are rich in calcium is papaya leaves, cassava leaves, spinach, garlic, red star fruit wuluh, corn, mushrooms, mustard greens broken ground, and Solanum torvum. Calcium is very good for the treatment of gout, rheumatism, arthritis, and other diseases of the bone.

11. Anti insomnia
Anti insomnia is the inability to sleep due to nervous tension or excessive asiditasyang in the body system. Insomnia or difficulty sleeping can be addressed with mengomsumsi vegetable plants that are anti insomnia. The plant alkaloid that has that will make the tense nerves become more relaxed, so anxiety insomniacs would be reduced to calmer, and can sleep soundly. An example of this plant is the cabbage and onions-bawangan.

12. weight Controller
Basically, a person's body weight can be controlled properly if mengomsumsi foods rich in fiber, water, and low-calorie. One trick is to plant vegetable mengomsumsi. Water and fiber will give rise to a sense of satiety, so that excess eating tendencies can be reduced or prevented. Low calorie-containing plants are also very good for dieting for those suffering from obesity. Vegetable crops that can be dikomsumsi with the aim of weight control is jangung, asparagus, cauliflower, and cabbage.

13. To prevent the aging process
Every living creature will experience the process of aging, the human was no exception. This process is usually marked with the drying of the skin, rontoknya hair, decreased function of the eyes and ears, as well as the weakening of the muscles and bones work.
The process of aging can be slowed down with the vegetable plants such as the mengomsumsi asparagus, radish, carrot, cucumber, bean sprouts, and celery. The plant is rich in antioxidant substances, among others, some of the vitamins A, C, and E, as well as some minerals such as iron, manganese, zinc. In addition the presence of pigment carotene, flavonoids, chlorophyll, glutathion, isothiocyanat, and thiosianat can also slow down the aging process.
Radish: can make us be Ageless
Radish: can make us be Ageless
The content of substances in anti oxidants will be working hard to protect body cells from oxidant process that spur aging process. In addition, these substances will prevent the emergence of free radicals that can damage cells or genetic program body.

14. the Deterrent failure of teeth and gums
Disorders of the teeth and gums can be treated with vegetable crops that are rich in calcium, vitamin A, and iron. These substances will increase calcium which can strengthen the teeth and gums. Therefore, the tooth is not easy porous or stricken with the disease. Vegetable crops that can dikomsumsi is garlic, fruit of young corn, tomatoes, galangal, pare, and basil. Specially for preventing the occurrence of cavities.

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Vegetables From Time To Time

Vegetables From Time To Time
Pictures of vegetables: People know vegetables since ancient
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Now we know an awful lot of modern food, including vegetables. Vegetables are a source of power for our lives not only because it contains vitamins and minerals, but also because it contains salt, calcium, iron, carotene, vitamin C, and others.

People have to know and eat vegetables since 2,000 years ago. And increasingly the times of increasing advanced, humans will not depart from them. But rather the opposite. He even live them with various penyeledikan, development, and pendayagunaannya.

The farmers or the people of the village in General, very hung his veggies in addition on staple food such as jangung, sago, taro, or rice. Fish, meat, eggs, and side dishes lainnyamungkin once forgotten or unattainable in daily life. No vegetables may be absent from the dining menu. Once again the vegetables are a source of biodiversity that is inexhaustible. He is the most important part which took very great role in the life of the flesh of man.

Vegetables is an important food source for humans. Vegetables contain many vitamins and minerals that cause us to live a healthy life. Vegetables are a type of grass plants. These plants have stems that are soft, without contain elements of wood. Can we eat parts of the roots, stalks, flowers, and fruit. The human habit of consuming these vegetables have been long time underway.

People first, it is said that his story, only to recognize similar plants of wild legumes in soil outside the ground also in the ground. Nuts shaped roots like carrots, sweet potatoes, turnips, and so on. Their foliage or customarily called vegetables, then following the food anyway. Of course the climate and the State of the soil is the determining factor for the growth of plant it is.

In the area of the fertile Nile delta, the people of ancient Egypt has planted pumpkin, onion, seladah, cabbage, radishes, beans and so on. Even peanuts also they already know. The people of Greece and Roman Khabarnya then follow the fun people that Egypt. I.e. eating the vegetables, sweet-ubian and nuts.

They mainly live in the middle ages, it does not yet choosing their delicious where and which are not. They plant the only vegetables that easily obtainable, which is his seed, and provide benefits to her stomach. As a result, the food they ate it-that's it. They found no other variety of food. Can I be, when it's simply a staple of porridge of beans or other legumes. Because it's exactly the same then the farmers tried to develop his farm with the other crops to plant.

An Explorer from Europe at a moment arrives in the United States. He was surprised because many vegetables as ingredients foods in Europe are not yet known. There is still a very foreign. But this is indeed understandable. Because not all of the plants that live in the United States, the country could grow and live in Europe. Jangung, tomatoes, beans and potatoes is among them. But all this is the food of the people. However explorers were not willing to give up. When back home he brought seeds and sweet-ubian.

But then, what she tried in Europe, although successful, but favored local people have recently started in the 19th century. Since then the farmers or traders actively develop fit his planting with a better way, by selecting seeds to fit his planting. Since then the world crops growing vegetables deep and widespread, especially in choosing varietasnya, tastes, and its use.

The presence technological advances such as the presence of a train and trucks as a means of transport, nasip vegetables the better. He soon could soon arrive in the city market without much damage or corruption. Nasip vegetables become better again awaited the cupboards or chests of coolant. He was able to last longer in the household.

But the most exciting news is actually more trades moved from distant places is now approaching the city. Thus, the population will always get fresh vegetables, along with a price cheaper. If the first person menamani his field only seasonally, is now no longer the case. There are always vegetables in all seasons.
Pictures: Vegetable Vehicles
Pictures: Vegetable Vehicles

In addition, other difficulties that exactly not helped any by now already be resolved. For example, areas that are separated by oceans can already supported by the transport ship which is of course equipped with the crate cooling, so that the vegetables will arrive at the intended place in the State happy and refreshed.
Pictures: Vegetable shipping crates
Pictures: Vegetable shipping crates

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Know The Dangers Of Drugs

Know The Dangers Of Drugs
Image: The Threat Of Drugs Causing Death


Are you feeling with the circulation of drugs? Furious! That's what many people perceived face drug pereedaran. How not, all among the scary drug circulation enters the environment. Not only that, the poor can enjoy drugs easily for early consumption. So it's been hooked, then menjeratnya dealers at a price which it was not affordable.

Yes, due to the addicts who cannot afford to buy will do what efforts such as stealing, robbing, even suppress the lives of people for the sake of obtaining drugs.
Fast drug pereedaran drug or and the number of potential victims, making all circles concerned and worried. How not, both parents as well as all walks of life feel weighed down with heavy duty. But such concerns and anxiety should not be drawn-out.


Whether the Drug is it?

Do you know the meaning of that Drug. In Greece, the drug known by the word narke (substances that anesthetized). Drug abbreviation of narcotics, psychotropic drugs, and other additives.

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Narcotics are substances or drugs derived from plant crops or not. If abused, substance/drug may cause a decrease or a change in awareness, reduce to eliminate the sense of neyeri, and cause dependence.

Psychotropic substances.
Psychotropic substances are substances or drugs that affect the central nervous arrangement. If abused, substance/drug is causing changes in mental activity and behavior.

Additive Materials.
Material additives are substances that are not included into the narcotic or psychotropic substances, but raises dependency, e.g. tobacco, alcohol, sedative/hipnotika, and an inhalant

Why Drugs in use?

There are many that can lead people do drug abuse. The cause of someone involved in drug abuse, among other curiosity/great curiosity without realizing the consequences. The desire for a man is a man, the desire to follow modern lifestyle, and the desire for environmentally acceptable guidelines. In addition, a person involved in the causes of drug abuse is the desire of avoiding boredom of life, the family doesn't get along well (not harmonic), and easy it is to obtain drugs.

Usually someone who is abusing drugs through five stages. Namely; First, try to satisfy the curiosity or the inducement of friends. Second, using drugs only when hanging out in order to be accepted by the environmental Association. Third, the use of drugs in certain situations, such as being upset, sad, and disappointed. Fourth, the increasing drug use, no reason the Association or being problematic. Fifth, mennggunakan drugs have become necessities of life/dependent life.

How The Dangers Of Drug Abuse?

Image: Capsules Of Ecstasy
Image: Capsules Of Ecstasy

Image: Drug Addicts
Image: Drug Addicts

Image: Shabu Shabu Is Dangerous
Image: Shabu Shabu Is Dangerous

People who abuse drugs and other additives will experience mental disorders and behavior. Like what the hell is the danger of drug abuse it? Well, anyway the creepy!

Morphine and Heroin addicts.
If mengomsumsi morphine and heroin or popularly called ' putauw ', either by way of smoke inhalation or menyuntikan it, that person will experience the excitement and convenience of no reason (euphoria). Bangi drug addicts that, a State called "fly". Moreover it addicts also felt depressed and uncomfortable (disforia), even lethargic and sleepy are likely to be severe because the substance of morphine and heroin.

Cannabis Addicts.
People who are mengomsumsi marijuana will show the symptoms of unhealthy, such as heart palpitations, stricken with lung cancer, lethargic, and brain damage. Cannabis addicts will also experience hallucinations, i.e. the experience of the pancaindra in the absence of sources that caused it. For example the addict as if hearing a voice, but no vote. Hallucinations also occur in other pancaindra, smell, vision, and perabaan. Cannabis addicts suffer from defusi, which is an unreasonable belief. For example, although already provided evidence that no one is going to attack, the addict remains meyakininya.

Cocaine Addicts.
People who mengomsumsi cocaine (cocaine powder inhaled through the nose/aspirated) will experience a disruption of the soul, such as restlessness, feeling excited and scared, feel great and assume others are low. Cocaine addicts typically also had red eyes, blood pressure goes up, sweats and high fever. Just like other types of drug users, the threat of death into a cocaine addict reward.

Pacandu Alcohol.
Alcohol affects the condition of soul pecandunya. The substance of alcohol slow down the activities of those parts of the brain and nervous system. Therefore, the influence of alcohol for the addict, raises a sense of relaxed, loss of self-control, unbalanced body movements, communication is not smooth, easy vomiting and unconscious. Another sinister consequences for the drinker drinks alcohol is the destruction of the stomach, liver, brain, memory, intellect, and felt depressed. In fact, death has also become a threat to the addict.

Ecstasy Addicts.
The person to consume ecstasy or Shabu-Shabu in either pill form, capsules, and powder will cause abnormal behavior, such as anxiety, can not be silent (Hyperactivity), feel comfortable, excessive fears, the loss of fluids (dehydration), the confused heart beretak toned, high blood pressure, and sudden spasms. Even the use of high doses of Ecstasy can cause damage to the brain, heart, liver, and even cause death.

Sedative Addict/Hipnotika.
People who mengomsumsi this substance would be the same with other drug users, namely the merussakan member in the body. These substances cause blood pressure if the lace in the standing position. Pencandu hand shakes, so also the tongue and eyelids.

Addicts The Tobacco (Smoking).
There are at least three harmful substances in cigarettes, such as nicotine, tar, and carbon monksida. For cigarette smokers, not realizing if the heart beat faster, your breath smells, as early as dizziness, soy sauce and the power of smell is decreased. Besides the smoker will also feel the long-term consequences of smoking, i.e. stained teeth, skin disorders of the face, stricken with lung cancer, and causes impotence. Those who do not smoke (passive smokers) are also exposed to the smoke from the mouth where the addict of smoking. As a result, passive smokers also experienced health disorders with the same risk with passive cigarette addicts.

An Inhalant Addicts.
People are often inhale this substance will instantly feel dizzy in the head, smelling breath, numbness in the hands and feet, as well as nausea and vomiting. Due to these substances, pencandu will experience damage to the hearing instrument, liver, kidney, and bone marrow. Besides muscle convulsions, loss of oxygen in the blood, even also blood cancer (leukemia) attacked this substance addicts.

How To Prevent Drug Abuse?

There are many ways that used to prevent drug abuse. One is the pattern of prevention, eradication of drug penmanggulangan, and same with the eradication of malaria.
Malaria parasites can be likened to as drugs. The malaria mosquito can be likened as a drug dealer and the malaria mosquito nest likened as places that are prone to e.g. nightspots and the like. As for sufferers of malaria (the patient) can be likened to as drug addicts, victims, or survivors (patients).

The malaria disease sufferers (patients) need treatment and care, while sufferers (patients) drug also need care/treatment in recovery (rehabilitation). Therefore, powerful ways that can be done for a patient victim of drug was "repent" and "repent". Why did repent and repent? Yes, in addition to repent repent because of religion should also proscribe drug abuse. In addition the laws in every country necessarily prohibit the circulation and use of drugs.

Malaria parasites destroyed with antimalarials. Drugs also needs to be destroyed by, for example, was burned and destroyed in such a way that they cannot be used again.
The malaria mosquito is also destroyed, for example with insecticide sprays (anti mosquito) so it is no longer possible the malaria transmission from one person to another. So it is with smugglers and Drug traffickers "Mosquito ' has to be destroyed by seberat-beratnya was punished.


Indeed to recover and stop total of Drugs is not easy, sure butu process. But we must say that it is a challenge that can become opportunities. With a strong kamauan, there is always the only way to achieve the goal. In fact, if we pay attention to the difference of people who succeed with people who failed, the line of pemisahnya is located in a matter of willpower. The thing that distinguishes them is the willingness of each.

Similarly with the success and achievements of a person. To achieve it, the challenges and obstacles are always there. However, in the end kemauannyalah that determines whether it will continue or stagnate before reaching the Summit. Let it be remembered that from the beginning a strong people have ready about to wrestle against great obstacles obstacles which are often easy to undermine morale. In short, people who are strong from the beginning was about to reach the top of the mental preparation has been held. Even more than that, ingenuity makes it utilizes hurdles hurdles to help further travel more easily. In general because his preparation was strong enough, eventually they can achieve what it wants.

So Writing an article "getting to know the danger of Drugs" that simple. Hope it is useful for any visitor. Also read the writings of Berkatan With "... ... ... ..."

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Secret Daughter Plants Drank Shy

Secret Daughter Plants Drank Shy
This is the form of a Shy Daughter Plants So Traditional medicinal plants

Princess embarrassment we often meet in the courtyard of the House, and peswahan fields. This plant grows in the land of sleep, sometimes straight. It has a rounded, hairy stems and prickly. The leaves are arranged in small compounds, its shape is oval with a pointed tip, the colour is green (there is a reddish color). The unique leaf Princess embarrassed when we touch will soon close with regular thus desebut as a sensitive plant (sensitive plan). That's disebagai because of its nature as a daughter plant is embarrassed. The flowers are shaped round like a ball with the color pink.
The unique Princess Embarrassed Looks Wither if the touch
The unique Princess Embarrassed Looks Wither if the touch

Flower Princess shaped round like a ball with the color pink.
Flower Princess shaped round like a ball with the color pink.

Although it plants little shy daughter has different name such as sikejut, laid up, will be shocked, cao Han xiu (China).

Daughter of shame can be used in treating some diseases which are hard to sleep (insomnia), bronchitis, high heat, herpes, arthritis, and intestinal worms.

Examples of its use in Indonesia society.

How the use of these medicinal plants?

For diseases such as sores, inflammation of the skin (piodermi), and herpes, the daughter of shame can be used by way of the fresh plant is first crushed and then tacked on a sick body parts. As for the disease in, daughter of shame can be used by way of a drink. For example if there is a disease hard to sleep (insomnia), leaves daughter embarrassed as much as 30 – 60 grams of boiled and drunk every day.

What is the secret behind the plant's daughter shame?

This plant has a sweet flavor and is somewhat cold and can act as a sedative ((tranquiliser), bullet phlegm (expectorant), cough (antitusive), lowering the heat (antipiretic), anti-inflammatory (anti-inflammatory), rounds of urine (diuretic). Chemical content contained therein is compound mimosine.

The shy daughter of plant parts used as as a medicine is the root, leaves, the whole plant, both of which still segaratau that has been dried.

That's the cursory and drank a drug plant Daughter Shame as one of alternative medicine that can be used traditionally. Best friends visitors can also read related link : it turns outthat reeds can be So traditional medicine
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It Turns Out That Reeds Can Be So Traditional Medicine

It Turns Out That Reeds Can Be So Traditional Medicine
Picture of reeds nutritious as Traditional Herb
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During our outing to the grassy field, often we find plant reeds. This plant has the scientific name Imperata cylindrica. These plants live in various places in open areas such as pastures, grasslands, swamps, fields, or the new forest on fire. In Java, Indonesia to grow at altitudes of up to 2700 m above sea level, plants can affect the growth of other plants because it needs a relatively high sodium.

These plants include herbaceous plant or group that does not have the wood on the part of its trunk, is a kind of creeping grasses with a height of 30-180 cm. rods that Had crept underground, with bunnga the upright form one inflorescence. The leaves form a long pointy toed helaian. Have fruit like rice with seeds forming jorong, length 1 mm more. Don't know when to plant flowering reeds? Regular flowering reeds between January until December, long enough it means flowering flowering throughout the year or at any time.
This is a nutritious Reed Rhizome
This is a nutritious Reed Rhizome

Reed plants thrive on its own. The part that is often used for treatment is part of Rhizome (the rod extends) from plants that have been cooked. A good pale colored Rhizome, slightly sweet and mild.

Part of the Rhizome is effective for skin softener, rounds of urine, blood purifier, appetite enhancer, penghenti bleeding. In addition it can be used in treatment efforts venereal disease (gonorrhea, urinating blood, the Lion King), kidney, penyakt wounds, fever, high blood pressure, and nerve diseases. Well if the overall plant parts can be diguanakan as food for farm animals, paper, and for the treatment of ringworm.
Image: Rhizome reeds that are ready to be used as drug
Image: Rhizome reeds that are ready to be used as drug

Be careful when using this plant must comply with the rules so as not to be toxic (toxic) against our bodies. When the excess in mengomsumsinya effects posed namely such as dizziness, nausea, there is an increased sense of want to defecate.

Example of use in Indonesia community

Fever because it is less bloody urination:
One spoon full of green reeds, boiled with a few pieces of tang kwe (flesh of the fruit beligu half ripe which make candied dried) in two glasses of water to stay half. This drink 2 glasses of water a day. Urine will be normal and the temperature of the body falls.

What's the secret behind the plant reeds?

Plant the reeds have the compounds arundoin, fernenol, silindrin, isoarborinol, flavones, and other chemical content.

OK, PAL. So this simple inscription of "Reed could be a traditional medicine". Young-then hopefully useful. Buddy can also read "The Daughter Plants can give alternative treatment".

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The Characteristics Of Know Good To Eat

The Characteristics Of Know Good To Eat
Pictures: food Know That salubrious
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A. terms of Quality Years

Know the quality is food made from soybeans (read article: Soy is rich in Protein). Know a good protein at least 90% of the weight out. In addition in the know there are the following substances:

1. Water

Water is the most abundant component found in tofu, which is around 80%-85%.

2. Ash and Salt

It is not a good idea does not contain the ashes too much because it will look dirty. As for the salt used to know taste better and savory.

3. Rough and dangerous Metal Fiber

Coarse fibers in the know come from soybean dregs. If too much fiber ballpark, knew it was not good to eat.
The use of water is not clean and the equipment, especially the grinding tool can cause know contain lots of bacteria and harmful metals. If you found out like this, it's not eaten because it will harm our bodies.

4. Substances, dyes and preservatives

The dye is allowed in the making of tofu is just the natural coloring, such as turmeric or dyes that are specific to the food. Therefore, in the markets usually sold know yellow or white.
Preservatives are allowed on the making of tofu have been determined and should not be too much. Salt and turmeric including preservatives in the manufacture of tofu.

B. determinants of the quality of the Idea

The Characteristics Of Know Good To Eat
This is the Know-one of the Healthy Food
Some of the things that cause the condition and quality of tofu varies as follows:

1. The level of density

Manufacture of solid materials need to know (would know) which is far more than the necessary materials in the making of tofu.

2. The presence of an acid smell

Know that is printed is not too dense, it is generally relatively more easily damaged (because of higher water levels). Therefore there are know being marketed or sold in a State soaked with water. In addition to the preserve, this treatment can also prevent sags measure water content due to know out (if not marinated). However the water soaking should be changed daily. If not, know will be slimy, smell, and taste sour.

3. Appearance

The appearance of the product to know concerning the color as well as the uniformity of shape and size. The color used to know is yellow, besides its original color (white). Meanwhile, to get the same shape and size can be used the mold.

4. Taste of Tofu

The taste will be more delicious knows when into would know (know that haven't been printed) added materials that can serve as a flavor enhancer, diantarannya as follows:
a. salt. With added salt, flavour of the tofu becomes more delicious.
b. artificial Flavor. Nowadays in the market already sold artificial flavor tastes of chicken or beef. Artificial flavor can be blended at would know, so that the resulting bercuta know the taste of beef or chicken.

That's who know characteristics at a glance we already know, to know that later we eat really becomes part of the menu foods that can nourish our bodies.

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